Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday May 1: Lights! Camera! ...

Ok, so two days after leaving Seattle and being on the road, Claude Zervas finally arrives in San Diego to begin installing his show. The left front wheel of his little red wagon (that he got for free from a friend) almost came off. (He thought the noise he'd been hearing for the last 300 miles was the radio!) It's a miracle he is still standing... Yep, free is just another word for $600 in repairs. His older brother, Christopher, who lives nearby in beautiful City Heights, dropped by to lend a hand with the installation. It turns out this guy doesn't know top from bottom... which makes sense, since he's been building his own house from scratch for the past year and a half. (You can almost see it from the freeway--it's the one covered entirely in blue tarps...) But I guess it doesn't really matter 'cause he's a great guy.

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