Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Saturday afternoon visit from Allan Kaprow...

Nothing like a good surprise... today we had an impromptu visit from Alexander Jarman, Kelly Lovemonster and Dia Bassett, three San Diego State graduate students taking part in a recreation of one of Allan Kaprow's happenings being staged by MCASD in conjunction with the Kaprow retrospective, Art As Life, at the Geffen Contemporary in L.A.

This one was an interpretation of "POSE". According to Alex, they were prompted by the Kaprow estate to take some liberty
with the piece--so, instead of simply inviting the unsuspecting passerby to "pose" with the chairs that they were dragging around with them, they were instructed to smash them to smithereens. This being San Diego (a military town well equipped--both physically and mentally--for the task), most people

were only too happy to oblige. (Don't be fooled by our 'laid back'
attitude, the killer instinct is always simmering just below the surface... ;-) Here are a few more pot shots:

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