Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sorry folks, my web guy is m.i.a. (Buenos Aires, last I heard), so we're a little behind getting the installation shots of Lael Corbin's Remodel exhibition up on our site. Nevertheless, I just want to say, this is in no way a substitution for experiencing the work in person, which in truth, is why I held off doing it. Like the "drive-by" gallery visitor who slows down just long enough to crank his head and take in the show (seriously!), the web has become too convenient an alternative for visiting galleries and experiencing the art, live, in person. And, after all, I think most people get that Remodel is as much about the experience as it is about the 'objects'. Each space generates its own "storyline" and "scent" (think dirt, humus, sawdust, wood...) that triggers a flood of memories and responses, as different from each other as they are from one person to another. One of my personal favorites is Untitled (Laundry Room). These Rubick's cube-like objects are soooo soft and soooo beautiful (I admit, the temptation to caress and give them a big hug is pretty huge--and this is such a manly show) but it also gives me the creeps! ...Not sure why. Something in my childhood, I suppose... (dirty things happen in there!), but I'm certain it's grist for some therapist's mill.

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Saratoga Sake said...

Looks like a fun gallery can't wait to stop on by.